When is a picture special: Timeless, Unique and Iconic

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After working as a photojournalist in and around Venice for 10 years I asked myself, of all the photographs I had taken, which ones would I hang on my on my walls?

The answer was none!

From there on I started to collect “special “photos, not an easy task, as Venice is maybe one of the most photographed cities in the world.

Black & White Prints

To me a picture of Venice needs certain characteristics to be special:
1.Timeless (unable to date the time of the photograph)
2.Unique (the moment is impossible to replicate)
3.Iconic (should portray an image of the city we all recognise)

And so, my portfolio began with this philosophy, you can see this when you explore my Venice collection.

Being fortunate enough to travel and live in other countries, gave me the ability to perceive my hometown in another way that I had never seen before.

Black & White Prints

Amongst those extraordinary moments I captured with my camera are photos of the iced lagoon (a momentous event that has only ever happened a few times) the sunset reflecting on the high water from San Giorgio Island, a truly historical moment.

Other images of the cities life that are lost forever never to be seen again, for instance the classical pigeon seed sellers that were abolished at least 10 years ago, a massive part of Venice’s tradition and history.
I hope you will also enjoy the Timeless, Unique and Iconic pictures in my collection of other cities from around the world.